Blood everywhere.
There’s blood everywhere.
I didn’t know what else to do,
So now there’s blood.
How long can this take,
Long can I wait? Blood
Like carnations, crownings,
Thorns and rosettes, guideposts
Gilded with cinnabar and iron.
They’re all gone, now
That my usefulness is spent.
Heaven sent, I’ll never be.
Long winding paths from
Magic to moribund sleep,
I took them all, the long,
Low glide over green pastures.
Red, all red. Dead, all dead.
I could laugh at the joke
Of my existence, the insect
Time trapped against glass,
The unfulfillable dreaming.
Justice, high art, great
Tomorrows, sex, food of love,
A moment’s peace, a kind word.
Blown, broken.
My blood, all mine.
Slick and weak with it,
Pale and nonplussed.
Secret behind locks.

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