Photos of the unrecoverable past
Can break your heart if you let them.
Looking at you twenty years ago,
I can’t see a hint of any losses past
Or future, just a shining moment
Of you like a wild flower smiling
At the sun, channeling it like gold.
Pure, molten, moving unobstructed
Between closely-spaced banks
Like a sunlit swallow flashing low.
So was I, honey-drunk and wild
Without future to fear or dark
Closing in to lock everything in.
Shadow-bound and suspicious
Like a playground after midnight.

2 replies on “Lost”


I ‘met’ you on okc like a year ago, and you signed me up for your blog posts, and I have to tell you how often your writing is the highlight of my inbox, how often you totally nail my feelings of a given day.

Thank you. Keep doing your art.



That’s very flattering, thank you. I wish we’d more than ‘met’, but I have to admit you’re probably better off keeping ‘artists’ at arm’s length.

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