Sugar Sweet

Stop feeling sorry for yourself;
Always look on the bright side;
Jesus saves; things can only.
I feel sorry for everyone who
Hasn’t succeeded at forgetting.
Life is contingent, magicless,
A candle burning by an open
Window beneath a field of stars.
There are wolves in my heart.
We’re all innately good, but
It’s unreachable in a dark
Well of hunger and a dark
Night of fear, deep beyond
Any fathomable depth, lost.
I more than most could have
Been so many things, done
So much, but guided by decoys
Find myself outside all walls
In a trackless desert, alone,
Understanding all, knowing
None, able to do nothing at all.
Love burns, clouding eyes
And pushing us toward ruin
On the rocks, now or later,
Shipwrecks on the shore.
Hope they say, hope because
Hope is all there is, a flower
That can’t be eaten or held,
A beautiful image, sugar sweet.

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