The Sooth of Sisyphus

A hundred thousand years of struggle,
Good against banal evil, every great
Achievement a monument immediately
Undermined by base and venal fools.

Now we, good and evil, edge ourselves
Closer to the abyss, entranced, chained
Cheek by jowl in pairs like animals
Entering an ark destined to drown.

This is the time to rage against the dying
Of the light, the extinction of us all,
Being dragged by the unfit, idiotic, hateful,
Hate-filled lovers of pelf into the dark.

An eclipse is coming, the end of the Age
Of Man, fools angrily shouting down
Sun and moon both, burning this world
Inside and out until it must be nothing

But a wasteland of ash and an ocean
Of bitter tears shed after the die was cast.
Turning and turning, the vortex will not
Waits to drag us down mile after mile.

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