Fonder and weaker, the longing heart Grows like a gianting star, huge and Enveloping as magnetic forces ground To clouds of dust, pinpricks of awareness And awe, shrill alarms like scattered prey. But love is still and quiet and strong as blood, Forgetting nothing, dammed and pooled for Its release, one river into another andContinue reading “Absence”

The Sooth of Sisyphus

A hundred thousand years of struggle, Good against banal evil, every great Achievement a monument immediately Undermined by base and venal fools. Now we, good and evil, edge ourselves Closer to the abyss, entranced, chained Cheek by jowl in pairs like animals Entering an ark destined to drown. This is the time to rage againstContinue reading “The Sooth of Sisyphus”

Lupus in fabula

Rough, red, tooth and eye Both ragged, raging, hot breath Like the dead heart magically, Manically pulsing out an end of Reason, shame, love and life. The last day of standing, last Of giant shoulders, and the Triumph of witless, soulless Dwarfs and their wolf, their Fat, ignorant and angry dog Of the day ofContinue reading “Lupus in fabula”

Despite (for Amy G.)

Despite the sunrise, the moon peacefully adrift, And the matching slow swell of the deep ocean, All of life is sometimes reduced to the little rituals Of ends and darkness — burning, breaking, loss In words and the gestures of a dance as old worlds Long gone before this little one’s birthstone began. Our listsContinue reading “Despite (for Amy G.)”