American Carnage

America is eating itself. A cabal of carnal cannibals, A carnival of carrion, Dead men overdrawn With every kind of hunger. Feasting on the poor, The weak, women and children, Even the dead, these men Will never stop, never Surrender until the world Has been devoured. And the despairing, desperate And driven hordes of nobodyContinue reading “American Carnage”

Left Behind

An ash desert, winds bearing nothing But dead dreams, and memories of green. Hollow world, the creation of hollower men Gone mad with machines, digging leviathans, Giants of the deep lusting, burning, blind. Sweet fruit of the earth goodbye, beauty Of lost animals forgotten, a steady drum Of the end beating like a black heart.Continue reading “Left Behind”


Fonder and weaker, the longing heart Grows like a gianting star, huge and Enveloping as magnetic forces ground To clouds of dust, pinpricks of awareness And awe, shrill alarms like scattered prey. But love is still and quiet and strong as blood, Forgetting nothing, dammed and pooled for Its release, one river into another andContinue reading “Absence”