Each candid, careful mention of a lover or dalliance
Opens my mind and closes my heart, falling
Like a shadow of ice, a grinning lictor pointing
To a precipice, sly invitation to sad self-destruction.

This love is deep enough to drown itself, sweet
As poison, and all I have in a world I cannot
Understand, a life I sometimes cannot live,
And a sunlike woman I cannot hope to hold.


Magical Thinking

I who believe in nothing
Need magic in the moment
Of every first and each deep
Touch, stars in your darkness,
Salvation in your embrace and
Wide open windows on your soul.
I choose madness and distance,
Sharp thorns and resistance, the
Enchantment of the unfashionable
And the illusion of kisses on every
Pair of burning lips and lost ship.


What Is Love

Before asking, she says, “What is love?”
And the tremor passes like a breeze.
Love is the dream of a sleepless night.
A blood spring to sustain an empty heart.
The still-open hand when the warmth
Of your body is gone and your eyes
Are dark as stars on the ocean floor.
Love is the ember after the fire has flown
And before it returns with a new dawn.
Brief and immortal, love alights with
The strength to take your breath away,
Makes magic of incandescent flesh,
Madness out of hunger and thirst,
And returns you to your birthplace
At the perfect center of the universe.


Battle for the Net


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Dammit to Hell

The world didn’t change overnight.
The sheets were cold, and a small
Race of greedy liars continues to
Swarm over the carcass of the world
They claim, defleshing it and each
Other in a cannibal mist, sharkless
Teeth burning everything down.
The empty bed does it, the ungodly
Need for warmth and light, want
For love, and silence at midnight.
The whole damned thing goes like
An avalanche of ice, nothing with
Or without God, a moment without
Beginning or end, time out of mind.
To try, perchance to dream, chances
Are slim, but wanting without work
Only infinity lengthens the odds.
Arbitrarily begin again, foot in any
Direction under any sky, minute
By minute, life by life to any end.



Neither promise nor demand
I love you stands between us
Immutable and sleepless